Aphorisms Book III–Dancing Words Proverbial Choreography

Aphorisms Book III–Dancing Words Proverbial Choreography

Book Description

The potion to get your notions in motion is dancing words.  Take charge of the conversation with intelligent one-liners.  Turn your time into space for bigger ideas.

Success depends on us finding ideas and words that allow us to divert the flow, rather than just going with it.  It’s easy to be consumed by events, but then again, we could eat them for breakfast.  There’s not much point in being the canvas when you can be the painter.  Rather than losing time or feeling lost in space, you can create your own space.

With new ideas contained herein you will be able to gain greater understanding, appreciation, and love of life…because they will help you create your own space through a more fulfilling foundation that leads to expanding horizons.

Harmony in music echoes harmony in life…Kelvin Roy makes music for your ears and eyes, with words that dance off the page, for your head and heart…

Revealing questions and insights, leading to openness and future progress…

Aphorisms Book III–Dancing Words Proverbial Choreography

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