Circles and Arrows Shapes in a Word Book

Circles and Arrows Shapes in a Word Aphorisms Book

This is my second book of aphorisms, released in early 2023…

The journey continues…

The means may be to an end, but the meaning is what you find along the way.  It’s about the journey…and the farther you go, the more you can shape it!

Sometimes we just need to find the words that lead to thinking differently, stimulating our imaginations and leading us to a more enlightened path that reveals new lines and angles.  Sharing this world of words with others through conversation along the way can also enhance this evolutionary process.  On the road, you encounter strange things…like yourself.

Here you will find concentrated words that lead to expansion of your horizons and the discovery that the horizon is just the beginning in disguise.

Kelvin Roy has been making music to your ears for many a moon…

Now he is making music to your eyes, in this, his second book of Sayings that make you think…Aphorisms by any other name; occasionally juxtaposed with quotes from a wide range of creators.

What you will discover is that Certainty is the premise, doubt the motivation, and questions, the answer.

Circles and Arrows Shapes in a Word Aphorisms