Things that Matter

Things that Matter

I don’t have an ax to grind with anyone or anything; I just think everyone should sharpen their points.

The world could be a better place: More efficient and more effective…meaning that we get more done and we do it better. This also means we might start talking more about how to do things better…and thinking about it. This leads to action and is the process that should be going on in any progressive world. Proactivity is what we need.  Only in action can the truly collective spirit be realized.

The whole thrust of technology is taking us in the other direction, however. You only have to look at texting to see it…too many people looking for texting…forlorn faces wait for the next update.

Great to have the convenience of it, but it has the effect of stifling direct communication. What’s the answer? The answer lies in the question…in asking the question. Questions answer action. Ubiquity of information is another example of technological progress that has robbed much of society of its curiosity.  And curiosity is the root of progress.

I started writing books, perhaps as a means of finding answers. But I found questions instead, which is better!

I always wanted to create things and, as time went along, to be more productive. I think, if we all focussed more on being productive, it would have a positive impact on our lives, across the board, from work to pleasure, gravity to excitement!

Call it a progressive philosophy…or whatever you will. Beats watching TV!

A book can offer many themes, but only you can live your dreams. The advantage of books is that they stimulate thought and imagination. And this is a step toward living your dreams.

Time has come where time has become our most valuable commodity. I think, by-and-large, it always was. It’s just we now realise it more, because of the complexity of our technologically-driven world and collusion of government and business that causes people to have to work more to get the same result that we would have been able to achieve in a simpler and fairer world at a lower opportunity cost. We’re talking on a personal level here, which includes an individual financial level as well.

Greater equality in pay and conditions regardless of gender, colour or race is what society should be endeavouring to have, as a priority! In order for a system to function well in the long term, there has to be balance. And right now there’s an imbalance that has been allowed to grow over the last 40 years or so. The drive for smaller government during this time, has only resulted in a greater imbalance. Part of this comes from reduced market oversight and governments selling the people out.  So, we need more balance.  The more divergent the views, the better the balance.

The logical answer is a Keynesian comeback! It just looks less and less likely that the world is going to be able to get onto a more positive tack without it.

Do you think the market works? Has it worked for you? These are important questions. I think enough time has elapsed to be able to objectively adjudicate on whether the free market has produced reasonable, fair outcomes for the majority of people.

As someone who believed in the free market, I would have been happy to see it as a social success. But that’s hard to see at this juncture. The sad fact is, trickle down doesn’t work!  It just causes erosion.

So we need to talk about this more and become more proactive about bringing positive change to the world. A focus on innovation, efficiency and effectiveness in our productivity is what is required.  The shape of things to come is how you mold it.

People matter and this world is the only vehicle in which people can matter.  So, pack your suitcase everyday and you’ll go far.