Things that Matter

Topographical Words

At times, words fail us
But words are important
Even if seeing is believing
Words can try to make some sense of it
Leading to more reflection
Imparting more meaning to what we are seeing

If a brain is to truly retain, words are essential
Learning means progress
And without it there will be none
Which is the root of our current predicament
When we don’t stop to think
We begin to sink

When we don’t stop and think
We begin to shrink
Away from our responsibilities
To ourselves and to others
Without rational thought
There is no morality

Without rational thought
There is no equanimity
No understanding or recognition
Of diversity or equality
And how these concepts
Can live in harmony

Objectivity is all but certain to require
Leaving our biases by the wayside
And looking at the world anew
From the end, if you will
For the horizon is just the beginning
Of a new shared adventure

Is this possible?
Is this probable?
One thing is for sure
It is unavoidable
If the world is to have harmony
Peace and prosperity

No time like the present, no stage like eternity…